Hypertension and Diabetes

As we can see that people after retirement are more likely to fall prey of diseases like hypertension and diabetics as they don’t follow the prescribed medication. Poor medication can also lead to heart diseases and death though it depends on different other conditions like patient’s background and the pharmaceutical companies .A little is known about the change in live after medication. A research has been carried out with patients following those 3 years before retirement and 4years after retirement. Of the 21052 retirees, 3468 people have hypertension and 412 people have diabetics of type 2 in the period before retirement and 75% are females. These patterns suggests that our findings are robust and not limited to a certain group. The drop in taking medications are due to retirement and the transition from work place to non-workplace. So we suggest that people should take medications even after retirement in order to survive and fight these deadly diseases as life does not end after retirement.



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In the article we can see a high rate of teens, are used to taking drugs during their study life. In a recent survey it has been seen that medication other than to treat ADHD. It has been observed that a mere 1% of the kids are taking drugs for increasing their performance for studying.

The use of this type of medication just for using as a study can harm the students and thus it has led to a freight among the majority of the people studying in USA.

According to director Davis, of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The use of stimulant medication can lead to severe side effects. Abnormal heart rhythms and acute exhaustion. The most horrifying thing is the addiction, the kid’s gets into and thus leads to confusion and psychosis.

The use of this drug is not a guarantee that the study will excel in the exams, it’s just acts an stimulant

Medication, which can increase the students’ performance in studying longer than before. But in a longer run the drug damages and give side effect like confusion and psychosis.

A prevention should be attempted in order to ban this use of drugs for the kids as study drug as it falls under unethical means of studying. An anti-drug class must be taken in the schools to make the student aware of the use of this drug. Mostly most of the school officials are aware of giving their students education about use of this drug.

Director David has also claimed that this type of drug use is more in use among white Americans and less in other Americans. This is a not a good sign as for some ambitious people the use of the drugs can hamper the children.

The use of drug must be reduced among the children, there may be a possibility that the children can be sharing their prescription for getting more marks, but this illegal use of the drugs must be banned for getting marks