Decision Making




The Score I got is 55. I need to make more drastic changes in my decision making to make it evolve into an eventful decision. Decision making is a very important way to led on with things. When it comes to business, Decision are more powerful as of manpower and machines. Every decision need to back of plans, and it’s after effect. Though my decision making process is ok and the score interpretation says that I have a good understanding of the basic but still I need to improve in order to make my decision making skills perfect. It will help me in the future run .First I need to study the field and point out the areas where decision has to be made. Pointing out the areas will help in making decisions easier. Then I need to sort out the things which should be implemented before opting for a decision. I should also sort out the positivity and the negativity of every directions because I will help me know which path is better to use. I should also rethink and take the path where positivity is more because it will help you in making a good decision.





We are going to include a 3 references that provide information and guidance in improving your decision making process and skills

  1. Suppose you are an owner of Business Firm, there is an uproar inside the company about the position of the company and people are getting fired each day to keep level up in profits ,

Then you realize, that people if fired, will very rarely come back in the company.

Then you have to take a stern decision against the people to keep the profits in the company, or to keep them happy, you can keep them employed.


This decision needs thought process and as the company is in difficult times, it would like to arrange some compensation for the people as they are letting them go. Since your decision is final you need to see, that the decision you are making will turn out to be an eventful step in the future or will let down more difficulties for you.

We can see that we need to think about the after effects of decision making, as we know that any major decision can be executed with proper plan and management.





Here is also an explanation of the decision, we get in professional Life, and one of the major decisions we have to take is the profession we choose. As this is a major decision in our life, we wander a lot thinking about the world we are going to enter. We have to take this decision in a very patient way. Many people go into a position where there is wealth but there is stress and more pressure so thus leads in leading a boring life without fun.

We can take a major decision by thinking whether we will be happy or not in our life’s.

Decision making is backed by the decisions that are taken be in context to the future.


So to take a decision related with the future, decision though process should be good so that it won’t effect in the future.




We often take decisions when it comes to our wealth, where can we invest or spend our wealth to get more benefits of them. Similarly, every individual from person to person takes a lot of time in the decision to make this work.


After doing a good market research and planning we take this decision, where to invest our time.  We are very much dependent on this decision son a lot of market analysis, is done

We take business decision models to review the strategy behind our investment and when it’s done we take our decision and get along with it.

So , we can learn from this decisions that we can take our decision by  and identifying the action to be occurred after taking the decision.